More than ever before, there are billions of people yearning to awaken and understand the truth about themselves and the world around them.

It seems what is needed is Soul-Retrieval, individually and collectively, calling back the parts of ourselves that have been lost or disembodied. Only then can we be truly whole.

If you are interested in reclaiming your full soul-potential as a creative inspiring being, with an integrated life story to share and support others with,  then welcome to Middle Earth Medicine Ways, where you will find internationally run courses in movement and ecstatic dance, with connections to our ancestral stories, to nature and to the elements. A place to learn about your innate creativity, your own healing path, discovering rituals and ceremonial work that is both traditional and redesigned for this modern world.

There are introductory workshops, including an online course, as well as more advanced intensive work for those with experience and those wishing to train and hold space for others. The full training is available to you within the Middle Earth Medicine Syllabus.

What is this syllabus about?  The essence of this work is to marry our core wounds with our aspirations to discover our authentic and fully integrated self, thus becoming truly empowered, allowing the soul and the ego to live in harmony. We follow a particular syllabus called the 'Middle Earth Tree Of Life' which takes us through stages of soul work and processes specializing in body (movement,) heart (emotion,) and creativity, we journey safely, with support, to explore the shadow that is part of being human, discovering that there lie many opportunities for personal growth, a deeper conscience and new awareness.

Who is it for?   Our connection to community is paramount on this journey and building community and working together is at the root of our organisation. It is for anyone who is interested in personal development, who like movement and creativity involved in their process and is willing to share from the heart about their experiences.  

What can you expect to gain?  Middle Earth Medicine is a powerful and liberating opportunity to dance yourself free of restrictions, fulfill your dreams and take part in community creativity, there is opportunity to get to know every challenge in your life as a powerful allie with the potential for change.

Play with the thin veils between the worlds of dreaming, living and spirit, know that we do not exist on one level but many. Open up a new world of intrigue, curiosity and fascination. Discover your innate wisdom and some of the creative tools you never knew you had. For this is Soul-Retrieval at its most creative!

Why Dance?  We have always danced, it is linked to our innate healing abilities. Ecstatic dance is an ancient practice that unveils the deepest wisdom from within. It creates the possibility of change, a way to move forward in our life, to engage with our potential and a deeper understanding of our birth-right. Here you can learn to awaken your consciousness more fully, both physically, emotionally and spiritually to gain insights into the human condition that we are all part of.

We all have a dancer inside us, a simple way of moving to rhythm and the beat, we all know the drum intimately through our own heart. We all have the opportunity to grow into the fullness of our being. No one needs to be a 'good' dancer, this work focuses on simple movement and the courage to be seen and heard.

A combination of traditional and modern teachings to bring out the innate wisdom of our own particular personalities to enhance a more authentic presentation to the world. The methods include movement, theatre skills, ecstatic dance, journeying, meditations, ritual, ceremony and constellations. All of our techniques have traditional roots in Shamanism, Buddhism and Psychotherapy, linking our work to more modern day approaches, so as to adapt what is old to suit today's life styles and understandings, all becoming part of the 'Art Of Humility' helping us to live our purpose despite our wounds.



Weekend workshops, held in many cities around the world. To enjoy many movement and dance meditations, for beginners and experienced alike. Please visit calendar for updates. Contact the organiser for more details.


A series of gatherings offering The Nine Stages of Life as Ritual & the Descent of our Soul Work.  Weekend and intensive workshops, online course, supervision and mentoring. Syllabus 1-9 leads us to the apprenticeship.



Apprenticing to the Middle Earth Medicine. Learning to hold your own work with the tools of Hollow Bone Teachings, sharing with community your particular skills with the support of a community of peers, guides and experienced mentors.


Free Stuff

Explore this page to enjoy a dancing meditation with Caroline. Listen to her read poems and excerpts from her books. Explore this work in online videos.

Online Course

An online shamanic journey course run by Caroline, that you can use in the privacy of your own home. The journeys are particularly useful for anyone facing change, looking for direction or insight, or seeking skills and ways to support themselves or others. The online shamanic journey course can also be used as a pre-requisite for some of our Intensives


Caroline's first autobiographical book takes us on the journey she experienced through a 5 Rhythms dance training (1999), bringing up six children and healing from sexual abuse and challenging relationships. She shares her dance, poetry and shamanic journey. An honest and thought provoking story for her readers.

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