Webinar – The Apprentice

October 24, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
£35 for four webinars


it is a pencil or a brush that paints the craft into being, it is the hands of the soul that acts that part into play


I am waiting to learn

to find my way

eager for the knowledge

to spread its wings

filling my heart with all manner

of new feelings and emotions not known

I am growing into being

the scholar of my own life

I am being born into the field of wisdom

What happens when we or others begin to recognise our/their soul purpose? When that calling becomes so utterly obvious and we know we can no longer resist. When we know that the reason for us (or them) being here on this planet is clear.

That one will need to work on themselves first and take time in order to give attention and to focus on their tasks. This is not always what is wanted and many will try and take an easy route, then that path is not truly for them, as they will not adhere to the calling with the right spirit.

We have let go of what does not serve us and begin the journey of finding a new way, a way that fits with our own style and our own way of thinking. Taking on a new way of being taught, a different structure to learn within, even a new principle, we become apprenticed to what is most important to us.

We begin to re-educate ourselves. This might mean finding the right teachers for us, making choices we might never of had before. We are learning about our own particular project or work, or offering, but also how we are with this within our community or environment. We cannot know our offering without knowing our self.

We adopt a different kind of discipline, not only in the moving forward, but also in the stepping away from old ways that did not work for us. We may find that we were always taught from a more yang perspective and feel the need to learn through a more yin quality of deep listening, for example. We may feel the need to take ourselves into therapy and share more intimately some of our life stories in order to change our attitudes or heal from painful issues.

Once we have engaged with our dreamer and innocent, and integrated these two, once we have found our healthy rebel and stood for ourselves and our own path, then this task becomes much easier, we are more integrated in our own truth. Now we can be fully immersed in the cave of intelligence.

Shadow: unwilling to learn or thinks one has nothing to learn, knows it all already, lacks curiosity and fascination for life

What are you learning about, what does your particular project need to know? How much do you know yourself and could you engage more fully in this learning process?

Dwelling: Cave Of Intelligence. Stage of Life: Early Adulthood. Resource: Repetition. Tool: Totems.

Our next webinars are:

24th October:  The Apprentice
21st November: The Artisan
19th December: The Thespian
The cost is £35 for the four, please book and pay via PayPal below.

How we meet on a webinar. We connect, we journey together and we share experience's.

An email with time and date is sent to you once you have booked, there will also be a reminder on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/229937154055741/ We will have a brief check in, share experiences of journeying, and drum together. Have your own drums to hand, or simply come along and enjoy the drum beat of others. Good to have a journal and pen of course 🙂 To see the ZOOM website please go to https://zoom.us/   The webinars last up to 2 hours depending on how many we are.

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