The SEER process is a powerful method of energy retrieval that I have studied for a number of years. It is the work of Ya'Acov Darling Khan whom I have worked with as student and colleague for two decades.
In this particular work the SEER or 'Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval' helps us to claim back lost energy that has been fixed and unprocessed within the body, possibly due to trauma or shock or maybe extremely challenging circumstances. I have studied this method and used it on myself to process many different issues, one being around money, another around sexuality, other times to explore some of the hidden stories that might have affected the life I am living now, had I not addressed them.water
The SEER which was once part of the Recapitulation work of Mexican shamans has been handed down through many schools of thought and now is also held as a movement practice and constellation process within the School of Movement Medicine.

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