Members Of Middle Earth Offerings

Those offering their work on the Middle Earth Syllabus:


Caroline Carey:

A mother of six and a Grandmother, she has danced since childhood and has worked in the field of alternative medicine since the 70's. She is the founder and dreamer of Middle Earth Medicine Ways and offers ecstatic dance and her offerings of creative medicine through Middle Earth Medicine Ways.  Caroline has an innate connection to spirituality since early childhood and it is from this place that she brings forward her offerings. Raised with a religious back-ground, she has always adapted her environment, with both work and home life, to include her connections to God/Spirit. Her love of creativity and a certain 'out of the box' personality makes her a unique individual, willing to trust in a higher power and to face the world with an open heart no matter the struggles. More info see here....



Ben Cole:

Ben has a history with the arts and finding meaningful contributions from his spirituality (Bhuddhism) and connection to shamanism that can be translated into teachings for our modern times. His mission in life has been to create a more positive approach to how we share information to the general public, and offer a more positive approach to living with authenticity and sustainability. He offers rites of passage and men's groups, including supporting young men to find purpose and meaning in sometimes dysfunctional lives. Band of Brothers and Journeyman UK. More here;



Elisabeth Schrag:

As mother, kindergardner and shepherd she learned very much about life, receiving and letting go, about having fun, healthcare and especially about nature. She lives in a big community at the Lake of Constance in Switzerland and slowly she grows into the state of a wise elder there. Through her studies of Groupdynamics, Psychotherapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral-Therapy and her Training with the School of Movement Medicine, she developed a medicine repetoir as offering to others and as her soul purpose. The beautiful sense of humor and love for life and all beings is her trademark and as body, heart and mind connected in the dance her dreams came through. Her offerings are one to one sessions, sessions for couples and workshops for small and larger groups. All this wisdom comes together with the 'Middle Earth Medicine Ways’ and allows her to share and offer it for the 'Hollow Bone Wounded Healer’.      Most of our diseases begin in the heart. It’s the heart which connects us all. From the heart arises healing. See

Lies Van Hee

Lies Van Hee is an artist, a mom, dancer and partner, currently living in the abundant beauty of the Devon Hills and Dartmoor. From a young age, she is deeply touched and inspired by the Beauty and Terror of being human, the state of connection between Humanity and Nature and the ongoing journey of finding her place and voice in this world. In 2007 she received her master degree in Visual Arts with a video/installation/drawings “ Beware of not getting Lost “ and she starts an in depth study into the process of creation, which led her towards exploration of different workshops, ceremonies, ways of co-creating with other people. In 2010 she and her partner welcome their son into the family. She replaces her studio for one suitcase, traveling through the landscapes of motherhood, relationships, gardening, Nature... Filling those precious moments of space with drawing/silence/dreaming/writing/listening/photography/dancing.
At this time she started to dance on a very regular base. The language of her art is changing through movement and dance becomes a very close friend to the visual aspect of her creations.
Her work has been described as “ highly creative and sensitive, opening, reflective, subtle, visionary, moving, powerful, beyond words, soul touching, Essence, Silence, Poetic, playful, light, magical, mystical, clear. deeply connected with Nature and Spirit, a deep exploration of the essence of the elements and our interconnection with them, combining a profound intuitive understanding of our inter dependency with nature and the sacred aspect of it”
For Middle Earth Medicine Ways she steps in the place of “artist in residence”, here to explore the place of an artist/creative and sensitive being in a community in these times, here to inspire others on their creative journey, create beauty and bring soul into Life. Here to share the joy of co-creation.

“Art doesn't go to sleep in the bed made for it. It would sooner run away than say its own name: what it likes is to be incognito. Its best moments are when it forgets what its own name is.” 
― Jean Dubuffet


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