Middle Earth Apprenticeship

Middle Earth Apprenticeship

and Training in the Hollow Bone teachings and Middle Earth Wisdom

For those wishing to continue their study with Middle Earth Medicine Ways, become apprentices to the work and learn to hold a space for groups and individuals developing their own soul purpose as a Middle Earth Medicine Man/Woman. You can do this by attending weekend workshops and longer intensives to gain the experience necessary.

Our apprenticeship is partly based on the traditional system of apprenticeship first developed in the later Middle Ages, where students would work alongside their teachers in order to gain experience. We offer many opportunities to assist in our work in order to learn the art of shamanic practice and holding space for others.

As an apprentice to Middle Earth Medicine, you will need to have attended and participated in a series of Middle Earth gatherings and workshops, gaining an understanding of the Medicine Wheel and shamanic practices. See syllabus on web page here http://www.middleearthmedicine.com/middle-earth-syllabus/

To then become a guide of your work for others you will need to work closely with Caroline, Ben and co workers, attending workshops to learn skills and discover/develop your own teaching tools. You will be training in the field of Middle Earth in order to hold the Hollow Bone mantel for others process and learning.

You will be expected to work with set tasks between modules of work and seek further support from your own spirit guides for the Space Holder you are becoming, being in your own authority, learning about yours and others empowerment, as well as teacher projections, safety in a group, authentic representations of the shamanic world and the support necessary to attend to emotional needs of individuals and groups.

If interested in taking part in our apprenticeship, please work with the syllabus and courses LINK HERE  or view document here. Prior to Middle Earth Medicine Apprenticeship application

Those accepted onto an apprenticeship and during its process will be expected to:

  • attend 3 intensive workshops which can be Meeting The Wild, Oracle of Medicine, Oracle of Shapeshifter, Shamanic Hollow Bone Course and Oracle of Yin as assistant apprentices.
  • complete tasks and projects including creativity and written work, in relation to the Medicine Wheel over two years
  • attend a teacher trainee module of 9 days held by qualified space holders and a further 5 day module to recap and share experience
  • be expected to work as individuals and also work in collaboration with others on the course.
  • take a minimum of 6 supervision sessions per year with Caroline or other qualified teachers during the apprenticeship and in setting up of their own work
  • keep up with supervision during shamanic offerings with qualified supervisor.

Every apprentice will be treated as an individual with their own needs and requirements in preparation for holding their own body of work. It will be advised that apprentices continue with ongoing study with Middle Earth taking part in regular workshops and assistant roles. There will be opportunities to train to teach the work of Middle Earth Medicine Ways, i.e. Mandorla constellations and The Wheel of Souls Return, once apprenticeship is completed.

To be on the mailing list specifically for apprenticeship please send a paragraph about yourself, the work you have already completed and why you might be interested in a training program to alchemyinmovement(at)gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving you into further study with us.

(This program is an unfolding journey, which is shared by many in this co-creation)