Syllabus & Training

Our wish is to be able to support people to find their fullest purpose in life. We are here to hold a safe and inviting space so that others can explore their potential. To support this, we use meditations in movement, dance, theatre, creativity and community sharing. We have no wish to tell you how growth should happen, but we have experiences that we can share with you and we have gained support that allows us to weave creative processes into the collective heart that we are all part of.

We invite you to journey with us into the depths of your own heart, into the profundity of your own life experience and to dance yourself free of limitations by exploring archetypes, life stages, tools and a host of resources. Together we can conjure the necessary requirements for personal empowerment, so you can step into the sovereignty you were born to be.

There is no necessary prior experience to begin this journey, just a willingness to show up, to take part and be open to the possibility of becoming your fully embodied self. We invite you to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and to access a greater wisdom that is your birthright.


Please see the Wheel Of Souls Return for a guideline to the maps of Middle Earth Medicine

Magic Of Mandorla

Mandorla is an ancient symbol for wholeness. When we are in conflict we often do not feel whole. The key to transforming the destructive consequences of conflict into life-affirming outcomes lies in how we relate to the tension between opposites. When we can hold this tension within ourselves and are aware of it, bearing the pain, beauty and terror that this conveys, we bring the opposing elements together, creating a space in which the split between the two can be resolved.

We call this space the 'mandorla' – a word derived from 'almond' in Italian, which refers to the almond shape created when two circles overlap. The mandorla is also known as the 'Vesica Piscis’, the sacred space of our soul work. When we stand in this place we have the ability to transform what once was a cursed experience into powerful medicine for the soul.

Its energy is that of the Father/Mother Principle in the Divine Union and the Yin and Yang that has been known to us for centuries. This is an intensive workshop using the Mandorla process, creativity, deep enquiry and contemplation and accepting the wise elder within us. You will have the opportunity to explore the conflict of meeting your core-wounds in relationship to your aspirations to discover authentic, integrated empowerment! Weekend workshop. More info

Mandorla Intensive

Purpose, Light, Shadow & Death. Knowing our purpose and our own offering, whatever that is, and how we wish to bring it into the world means being awake and aware, finding acceptance for who we are and creating the resources necessary for our personal growth. In order to fully embrace our purpose, we must know what lies in the shadows and be prepared to cleanse our lives. We must know our own dreamer, we must befriend our inevitable death and the letting go of all things and we must find an intimate relationship to the spiritual forces around us.

This is a way to embrace and accept who we are as a complete and perfect human being who knows him/her self at a core level. 5 day Intensive Gathering.

Wheel of Souls Return   

An exploration of soul purpose, using the Middle Earth medicine wheel, archetypes, tools, dwellings resources and tools.

Exploring our soul’s purpose means exploring our lives and our own creative dance, to unravel some of its life-long experiences. Our purpose is born through us: the challenges we meet along the way are divinely there to sculpt us and shape us into who we are meant to be.

Middle Earth Medicine takes us on nine stages of soul work, integrating soul through personal development, soul-retrieval, creativity and ecstatic dance. This is a workshop where participants explore the archetypes of Middle Earth and look at the development needed to establish what their soul purpose is and who they are within it.

This particular medicine wheel not only supports your personal growth, but offers deeply healing experiences and meditations through movement and dance to open the heart and remember a broken innocence. We learn to use shamanic tools that can physically put us in touch with our purpose, guidance that will support us on our journey and the very particular archetypal quality we need to embrace.

We journey with each of the archetypes and their dwelling places, stage of life, tools and resources, to establish the current position of soul and purpose. They are particular steps that need to be taken to empower us and guide us.

Without careful observance and enquiry into knowing where we are in the cycle of our soul’s offering, it is almost impossible to know what stage we are at and what we need to embody before we can fully move on to the next stage. Often we can find ourselves trying to move on too quickly to the next stage before fully engaging with the last, thus meeting with the same challenges over and over again without fulfilment.

During this workshop, Caroline will guide us through the wheel, using movement meditations, outdoor work, self reflection, sharing and creativity. She share’s her own story of the Wheel’s discovery and the maps that have led to the Middle Earth Medicine path.

No matter what our experience, no matter what our age or position in life, this Medicine Wheel supports us on a journey of discovery. Intro weekend workshop and 5 day Intensive Gatherings.

The level 3 of our online course gives journeys and insights into each of these topics. More info

Reclaimed Innocence

How do we view innocence?
It is possibly an ‘inner-sense’ of who we really are, beneath the scars of guilt, shame, turmoil and trauma. It is the innocent soul, the curious soul, the soul that is free. And remembering the innocence we were born with can be a route through many challenges. Why would we want to go there?

“There is no greater agony than bearing an
untold story inside you.”
-Maya Angelou-

What is it to reclaim our innocence? Most people experience some form of trauma in their lives at some point. We all react to it in different ways. Trauma can be caused by abuse or an accident, or even neglect, and it is possible that at that time of this trauma, a part of our soul leaves the body. We become ‘disembodied’. This means out of body, spaced out, disconnected. At that time of trauma it was very necessary to leave, as it is a mechanism to protect the body and heart from the abuse/trauma at that time. Often the 'victim' is unable to deal with, or does not have the support needed, to face the emotions, pain or challenges that follow. So they shut down, losing that part of the soul to a safer place - for now.
As life goes on the 'survivor' begins to miss that soul part, feeling a sense of soul-less-ness. It becomes clear that he/she needs to reclaim that soul part back into their lives. This only happens when the conditions are right for the survivor and he/she can deal with some of the feelings and emotions that may be attached to the original story. In soul retrieval sessions and gatherings we create a safe enough space together, identify the original stories and begin to invite that soul part back into our lives.

We dance together, supported by our own 'circle of power’, and the collective circle of community. We gain as much as we are willing to give within this circle and supporting each other is key. This gathering is open to all. If you are new to the work it is helpful to attend dance/movement classes before hand. Weekend workshop.

The Oracle Of Repetition 

A dynamic and exciting process to awaken us as dancers into the innate wisdom of the meta-intelligence that is around us, a dance that weaves together the magical and sometimes unexpected occurrences throughout our lives.

In this gathering, we will combine dance and movement meditations, patterns of movement and the stories they hold, to explore our repeating patterns of behaviour.

Rather than seeing these repetitive patterns as ‘bad habits,’ we will learn to view them as positive messages from our unconsciousness that lead us to find positive results and a change in our actions. Rather than blaming everything and everyone else for our difficulties, we take responsibility for our own lives, thus growing into the men and women that we really want to be.

Using the teachings from the medicine wheel and the magic of mandorla we explore  the ancient dance of trance that is inherent within our own DNA and can be tapped into easily and effectively by using simple techniques and processes. This is a deep form of meditation, aligning us with the body, heart and mind to find a stronger connection with our soul/spirit. It is then we can focus our attention to receive guidance and understanding of our lives, at deep core levels. There is a tendency in this work to ‘space out’ and not be fully present in the process, so it takes discipline to enter a true state of embodied trance. Intro weekend workshop and a 5 day Intensive Gathering.  More info

The Oracle of Medicine  and finding your spirit song

Caroline will guide you through the medium of ecstatic dance, shamanic journeys, meditations and enquiries, weaving this information into the creation of your own Oracle (medicine bag)

Traditionally a medicine bag is an item that spiritually represents the person who wears it and is carried for guidance, healing and protection. It contains objects that represent spiritual and healing experiences throughout our lives. This is a place to give totems a home, close to your heart. Making our own medicine bag is a process of illumination, by crafting it ourselves we understand the potency of what it is and what it carries.

Creating this Oracle also gives us the opportunity to weave into it the spirit song sung from our heart, but not in the ordinary way of singing. Our shifted state of consciousness in the 'singing sense' allow the songs to sing us.

There is no need in this work to be able to sing in ‘normal’ ways. Traditionally, it is important to create the medicine bag yourself, finding its reflection and its song inside you and in the face you show to the world. 5 day Intensive Gathering.More info

The Oracle Of Yin

Humans often have a tendency to underestimate the power of Yin and its more subtle qualities. We can talk about Yin as being passive, receptive and dark. These descriptions are true but our interpretations of these can leave us with a sense of ‘victimhood’ and giving ourselves away, a morbid sense of ‘giving up’ can lie between what is true and what is our idea of true darkness and surrender. Exploring the shadow aspects of yin (e.g. the victim, the martyr, the manipulator, the gossip) helps us to know where we might fall into default modes, when our yin energy is not fully empowered.

During this gathering we will come together to explore the power of Yin, the silence, the inner world of receptivity with a more collaborative spirit, we emphasise deep listening, patience, personal growth and power, thus creating leadership based on respect and a more egalitarian society.

Meditation, dance, alone-time and the exploration of the primal energy of yin will be some of the explorations of this gathering. It is both for men and for women, reminding them that we all have both yin and yang energy within us. Weekend workshop

The Oracle of The ShapeShifter

Making and embodying our own spirit mask, through dance meditations, journeying and deepening our connection to the life force around us. Creativity and sharing our stories help us to identify the face we bring to the world and the story we tell. Weekend workshop (prerequisite to the Sacred Theatre workshop.)

Sacred Theatre - part 2 Shapeshifter Intensive

Can we claim our own actor and get to know when it is authentic or when we are simply acting out from the shadows of our existence?

Learning to channel the guidance of the hollow bone state (our direct connection with spirit) inspires and enriches us. We are given the opportunity to explore the potential we hold as a human being, guided to explore parts of our self that have been hidden. This opportunity allows us to bring our full self to light, to ‘try out’ many characters, by improvising, using traditional acting skills, voice work techniques and stepping up in front of an audience that is there to support and encourage us.

We become the director of our own play of life, creating theatre as ritual, becoming the holy actor and sacred clown of ceremony and theatre.

This gathering includes working outdoors, acting skills, dance, voice, poetry, ritual and ceremony. Intro weekend workshop and 5 day Intensive Gathering. More info

Hunting & The Vision Walk

Our work is as much about our connection to nature as working with our tools and practices. ‘Nature is the visible face of spirit.’ Spending time in nature for contemplation, focusing our intention within our walk, our deep listening and the observing of nature, we look for signs to assist us in our present and our future. We can often discover songs, poetry, stories and the requests from spirit and the creative life force that lies within each one of us. The hunt will take us through the night and into the days ahead. Much of our time will be spent in silence, visioning our life and purpose. 5 day Intensive Gathering More info

The Dance of Leadership’ Training

Embodied and heart-centred leadership skills.

You can apply for this training once you have embarked onto the path of Middle Earth Medicine, taking part in the workshops and intensives, getting to know the qualities you bring, engaging with the community and growing your own particular purpose.

To bring all that you have learnt from the medicine wheel intensives and weekend workshops into practice, the Dance Of Leadership training is made up of two gatherings with opportunities to assist on workshops and a series of mentoring sessions, to ensure you have all the necessary tools to hold a safe space for individuals and groups, that will benefit from your particular offering/s.

Please complete a minimum of three intensives, the Vision Walk and the Mandorla Intensive in order to take part in this training. These modules will be run by Caroline and colleagues to support you fully on your medicine path.    See this page for what is required during the training.....  

For more info, ask for a training application form or to make a general enquiry, please contact moc.liamgnull@tnemevomniymehcla

    See this page for what is required during the training.....  

Application form       ‘Middle Earth Medicine Ways’ APP space holder

Peer support and mentoring is an essential part of the hollow bone work. Supervision from Caroline or others is a requirement when holding and working with the Hollow Bone, Middle Earth program. As an apprentice to Middle Earth Medicine, you will need to have attended workshops and gatherings  and gained an understanding of the Medicine Wheel.

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"Caroline Carey is a shamanic healer and teacher, who has dived deeply into the rich dark roots of the shamanic path and danced within its primal landscapes. I am very pleased that she has now chosen to share her skills in accessing the ecstatic abandonment that shamanism brings for healing and transformation: you are in good hands."  Simon Buxton - The Sacred Trust