Movement Medicine

Alongside her shamanic work, Caroline teaches Movement Medicine, a contemporary shamanic practice, using dance, meditations and constellations. The school is run by Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, the founders of this work.


I am deeply grateful to Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan for the 18 years of clear, compassionate support and beautifully articulated teachings. I have been mentored through their guidance and wisdom, enabling me to step more fully into my own soul purpose as a Movement Medicine guide and a practitioner and teacher in my own right. With their authentic encouragement and deep humility for all of life, I find them both a great inspiration. Caroline


There are 21 Gateways on the Movement Medicine Mandala. Each Gateway holds a significant teaching. As we engage more fully with this process we become more embodied, responsible and fully empowered human beings.


Within Movement Medicine classes and workshops you can experience from 1 to all 21 gateways of the Mandala. Each experience can take you deeper into your own experience of being human, awakening the dancer and embracing the possibilities and potential inherent within you.


The practice of Movement Medicine flows with its own MESA which means Movement of Energetic and Spatial Awareness. Our focus lies with the Micro, Medio and Macro levels of awareness, within us, around us and with the wider circle of connection. Thus leading to the Meta and the interconnecting universal field of what is known and unknown, seen and unseen.




mandala-no background smallAt the center of the Mandala and the experience of the Movement Medicine map is The Phoenix, The Tree of Life, which holds the great mystery and potential of the human being. It is the life force and can be described as Love, as God or as Great Spirit. It is felt as the eternal flame, the primal force of nature. It is the moment of truth and the deep connection we have to spirit and beyond. It is the moment of realization and profound enlightenment. It is empty and full, it is silence and it is awakening. It is profound stillness and rest and contemplation.


The place of mystery holds the untied energy of yin and yang, the feminine and masculine. In the practice of Movement Medicine we learn what it means to fully embody both.

We learn to trust the dancer and know that there is great healing and transformation, when we step fully into the mystery and allow it to unfold us. To surrender to 'not knowing' and stepping into the fire, to be transformed as the PHOENIX rising from those flames. We become our own wisdom and power.  We become the potential we were born to be. We become our soul and spirit falling madly in love together. We become unity, the yin and the yang, the power of opposites as one.



The elements are represented by the lines in each direction, that we dance with and make up the Movement Medicine wheel. They are:

Earth in the South

 earth   Fire in the East

fireWater in the West

Air in the Norwaterth





5Dimensions Of Awareness

The 5 circles at the lower part of the mandala represent the dimensions of awareness

Awareness of our relationship to Self 

Our Relationship to other or others

To our Environment & Community

Our Ancestors & Spirit

and our awareness of the Divine



We learn to care for and love our self, knowing who we are and what we stand for in the world. We give to ourselves and honor our true needs. We become more in touch with our body our heart and our mind. We know where we lack and where we may need to make adjustments. We find our true nature within us and we bring that out with movement. In the dance we experience a deep and intimate connection to ourselves, our body, emotions and thoughts.

Relationship to other

We are in relationship to others, as well as the intimate relationship with our self. We become more aware of others needs around us and we learn better how to discern what is clearly our own and what is that of others. We learn to be non-judgmental, as a listener and friend. We express what is needed appropriately to others and pay attention to the reflections we may witness shown back to us. We learn to be clear and to have compassion with our attentiveness.  In the dance we connect authentically to others, respecting and caring for their space as well as our own.


We become more aware of our relationship to the environment around us, the communities that we are connected to and we make ourself available to the wider web of humanity with what is necessary and appropriate and with what we know we have to offer. We are conscious of the part we play in society as well as how responsible we make our self for the environment. Our dance is extended to receive and connect with others.


We become more aware of our ancestors, their own journeys and what their part in our existence has been. We understand that there are many ‘stories’ from our ancestry that we carry that may need to change and we are an active part in that. We learn what is helpful and true to our self and what no longer serves any purpose in our life. We care for the future generations that follow and know that that means we may need to change our own actions in response to this. We include our ancestry with the dance and trust that all is being danced, for them, for us, for the future.


We are spiritual beings and we understand this level of spirituality within us. We are a prayer expressing our own passion and free expression. We become the dance, the dancer and the danced in one movement. We know the grace of being healed, the grace and humbleness as we give ourselves to the great mystery, to expand our lives into the truest potential. We are self, we are relationship, we are environment and ancestry we become that one divine dance.


The 9 Gateways


The nine circles that are along the top of the Mandala represent the 9 gateways

The Journey of Empowerment Body
The journey begins with the body, the physical movement of the dancer. Unleashing the emotional energy and being mindful of our own process.
The Journey of Responsibility Past
Taking responsibility for healing any negative past history, transforming the stories and ensuring that what we carry has the opportunity to inform us, empower us and make us stronger, reminding us who we are born to be. We learn to be fully conscious in the present moment to create a clear path towards our future and the future of those who follow us.
Living the Dream Fulfillment
The art of fulfillment is what it means to live the life of our own choosing. Living the dream of our true purpose in life. Finding the interconnections that we need and the realisation of who we are, as we   bring to this life time an embodiment of the soul, bringing ourselves fully into being, giving our own gifts in harmony with our communities and environment.