Garden Yurt

The yurt is safely stored away during our relocation, but will reappear once we are relocated. Skype sessions are still available.

For one-to-one work and deep process, for movement sessions and writing groups, for shamanic work and healings.

Individual healings can be held in your own home, see this page


Sessions in yurt can include:

Deep inquiry and support and/or constellation

Drumming & Shamanic Journey 

Mandorla process

Movement/Dance one to one

SEER (systemic essential energy retrieval)

(For Shamanic Healings, please make your request clear before we meet.)

A one-to-one session with Caroline costs £55 per hour, £90 for a half-day, £150 for a full day.


For information on workshops in the yurt, see the workshop calendar.


To arrange a one-to-one, contact Caroline privately using the form below or calling: 0770 251 3679.


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