Mandorla Intensive

An Exploration of Purpose, Light, Shadow & Death

As human beings, we can exist on multiple planes of being; the one that we are usually most aware of, however, is the material world. By its nature, the material world is a place of duality – a place of opposites that we often experience as being in conflict with one another. Examples include heaven and earth, light and dark, masculine and feminine, loyalty and betrayal, to name but a few. The polarity between these opposites creates a fundamental tension at an evolutionary level that has the potential to be either profoundly destructive or powerfully generative and creative. The evidence of the destructive consequences of this tension lies all around us in the terrible scourges of war, inequality and conflict within and between individuals, groups and societies.
The key to transforming the destructive consequences of conflict into life-affirming outcomes lies in how we relate to the tension between opposites. When we can hold the tension within ourselves, bearing the pain, beauty and terror that this brings, we bring the two opposing elements together, creating a space in which the split between the two can be resolved. We call this space the 'mandorla' – a word derived from 'almond' in Italian, which refers to the almond shape created when two circles overlap. The mandorla also known as the 'Vesica Piscis' is the sacred space of our soul work; when we stand in this place, we have the ability to transform what once was a curse into powerful medicine for the soul. Its energy is that of the Father Mother Principle in the Divine Union, the Mother of all Forms and the Yin and Yang that has been known to us for decades.
During this workshop, we will use the tools of dance, creativity, movement meditation and constellation-work to work with the Magic of the Mandorla. You will have the opportunity to explore the conflict of meeting your core-wounds in relationship to your aspirations, looking at how this dynamic plays out in your life and how it affects you by embodying them in the dance. Then, with the support of the group and a constellation process held and guided by Caroline and the drum beat, you will enter the space of the Mandorla, allowing it to work its magic upon you, bringing the riches of wisdom and new insights.

Knowing our purpose and our medicine and how we might wish to offer it into the world means deeply acknowledging all that we are. In order to fully embrace our purpose, we must know our shadow, we must know the dreamer, we must know death. It is a way to embrace and accept who we are as a complete human being, who knows him/her self at a core level.

Intensive workshop using the Mandorla process, deep enquiry and contemplation, spending the night time befriending death and accepting the wise elder within us. Meditations, silence and ecstatic dance.

Please take part in at least one other intensive before this gathering. This is a prerequisite prior to apprenticeship.

Five days of constellation processes with the Magic Of Mandorla