The Dance Of Leadership

To apply for this training, you will need to have the experience of a movement practice, for a minimum of two years, engaging with topics such as embodiment, repetition, journeying and have a basic understanding of our medicine wheel.
You will be expected to have been through the process of creating your own medicine oracle/container (see The Oracle Of Medicine ) as well as your own medicine mask (see The Oracle Of The Shapeshifter ). These pieces of work are about the process undergone, rather than the acquiring. They bring us into a stronger sense of our own identity and the offerings we are making to the world.
You will need to be preparing a piece of ritual for an inauguration ceremony.
Please also complete the pre-requisites of Hunting & The Vision Walk, The Mandorla Intensive and modules appropriate to your own developing purpose. See Syllabus.
As an apprentice to the Leadership path, you will need to have an understanding of the Middle Earth Medicine Wheel. The syllabus is on the web page here

You will be expected to work with set tasks between the modules and seek further support from your own higher power. Being able and knowing when to share your own experience in order to inspire and help others - being in your own authority with guidance - learning about yours and others empowerment as well as teacher projections - safety in a group - plus the support necessary to attend to emotional needs of individuals.

If interested in taking part in our training, please work with the training syllabus and courses LINK HERE 

Those accepted onto the training and during its process will be expected to:

  • attend 3 intensive workshops which can be Meeting The Wild, Oracle of Medicine, Oracle of Shapeshifter, and Oracle of Yin as assistant apprentices. Here you will work within the field, developing your own skills and be given tasks to enhance your experience.
  • complete tasks and projects including creativity and written work, in relation to the Medicine Wheel over two years
  • attend a teacher trainee module of 9 days held by qualified space holders and a further 5 day module to recap and share experience
  • be expected to work as individuals and also work in collaboration with others on the course.
  • take a minimum of 6 supervision sessions per year with Caroline or other qualified teachers during the apprenticeship and in setting up of their own work
  • keep up with supervision during shamanic offerings with qualified supervisor.

Every apprentice will be treated as an individual with their own needs and requirements in preparation for holding their own work. It will be advised that apprentices continue with ongoing study with Middle Earth Medicine taking part in regular workshops and assistant roles. There will be opportunities to train to teach the work of the Mandorla constellations in due course.

To be on the mailing list specifically for apprenticeship please send a paragraph about yourself, the work you have already completed and why you might be interested in a training program to EMAIL

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving you into further study with us. Application form...Once applied for, we will begin a conversation to explore with you, your personal needs on this path.

There are a maximum of 16 available places on this training. If you require a place please send your application as soon as possible with your application fee of £99. This fee includes one skype session. Application form...Application training Middle Earth Medicine Ways’ APP

Costs and fees. Application fee £99. (non refundable)  Cost of Space Holder 1st module 9 days - £1,800.  2nd Module £900.  Mentoring: £55 per session. Accommodation and food is not included in the training prices. Please see 'Little Earth' at Earth Spirit Center accommodation prices, there are various options. Accom list on application.

When attending the three intensive courses as apprentices/assistants the cost is 40% of the course fee.

The next Space Holder Modules begin in September 2019.

Booking Form: ‘Middle Earth Medicine Ways’ APP space holder pdf

What do I get if I complete the Middle Earth Medicine Space Holder Process?

If you complete all requirements of the Space Holder modules, you will be listed as a Space Holder of Middle Earth Medicine, be included on our website and members calendar and supported to hold your own work.  You will have access to regular webinars and meetings to support your practice and offerings and be able to attend space holder retreats yearly.

You will be expected to have your own insurance and hold a first aid certificate to be a member.