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Posted on March 21, 2018 by Caroline Carey Resting in the arms of rhythm and repetition. For me this has been an ultimately profound experience. The journey of trance is a very grounding and life affirming journey, one that enables me to connect body, heart and mind with a deeper […]

Resting in the arms of repetition

Shame is generally felt as unworthiness, caused by how we perceive others to see us or think about us. Guilt is generally connected to something we have done that has caused problems regarding what others think or feel and what we think or feel ourselves. If we are brave enough […]

Soul Free Of Shame

Why does shamanism work? And how have scientists proven this is now fact?   Shamanic healing has often been named as superstitious and primitive, with no proof of reality. However, scientists have now recognised that there is a quantum mechanism behind these rituals and in fact, shamans know exactly what […]

Why & how does shamanism work?

I was often labeled as a rebel, in my growing up, my school days and even as a young adult. I never really did anything ‘by the book’ or as my mother would have liked things done. She used to sing Frank Sinatras song to me, “I did it my […]

The Rebels Rite

A time comes in our lives, does it not, to re-connect to the innocent soul, the creative soul, the wounded soul within us, the poet and artisan, the shapeshifter that knows itself and its many faces, learning – always learning to ‘de-program’ oneself and ‘re-program’ what is true. And me, […]

The sweetest pill

Following our own shamanic heritage For the dancers, the freedom makers, the liberators of soul, the poets and celebrators, the magicians of our fold. The new middle earth is upon us, where mystery and dreaming is being brought back into the arena of our daily living. Tolkien gave us the inspirational […]

Following our own shamanic heritage

    The Middle earth – this holding land, the indigenous of our tribe, the people of my heritage, their medicine and their myths, where dragons and elves   not only in dreams   as kings fought for their forests, the land, the sacred medicine where beasts and other-worlds live […]

For those who lost their tongues

  If I did not know what to be ‘empowered’ meant and I looked at images of what it appeared to mean, I could assume it was all about having strong muscles. There actually seems to be a lot of confusion about this word and I wonder how we might […]

Journey Of Empowerment

    There are many reasons to call a body of work ‘Middle Earth Medicine Ways.’ I’ve been curious about it myself over the time it has hovered around me and then once it fully landed I started to get the picture every clearly. There is my own story in […]

Why Middle Earth Medicine?

I have just returned from our second adventure in the Kalahari, in Namibia, a trip that first began with the exploration of one of the oldest dances known to mankind. The San bushmen have been holding ritualistic healing dances for as long as history can tell and being known as […]

The first dance

What happens when we or others find our/their soul purpose? When we know that the reason for us (or them) being here on this planet is clear and obvious. It’s possible that either way, we meet with fear, anxiety, the need to have others approval thus making the timing of […]

How do we meet potential?

  If we tell a child “that is just your imagination” we are sabotaging their natural ability to be able to connect with the world of creativity, to use what is innately their wisdom and way of thinking, feeling and creating story, art and poetry, to be connected to the […]


JAK TANČIT A MANIFESTOVAT VÁŠEŇ NAŠÍ DUŠE? Přednáška Caroline Carey Maitrea, PRAHA, Týnská ulička 6 11. SRPNA 2016, 18:00- 21:00   Caroline je lektorkou Movement Medicine působící po celém světě, spisovatelkou, autorkou čtyř publikovaných knih (v angličtině), praktikující šamankou, matkou 6 dětí, babičkou. Během večerní přednášky budeme mít možnost tuto […]


Middle Earths Origins   My story my hands become the art of my souls calling. No other path can I follow Because this is who I am And only by giving to it every breath every dance every meaning Can I fulfill my reason for being here. My soul my […]

Middle Earths Origins

  Faced once more with a new creative project, I find myself bursting at the seams, excitement looming and wanting to get it down, manifest it, get my hands dirty in the soil and creativity of it. Stitch and sew it into being. Always time weighs heavy on the side […]

The Creative Journey