Caroline’s Story

Caroline's Story:

I loved to dance all of my life. I loved writing poetry and enjoyed the telling of stories to my little ones. I had children from a very early age and often struggled with my own self-worth and the ability to do anything 'just for myself.' But over time this began to change and I recognised my own need to dance more and to make an effort in making the change I wanted to see in the world. Not just for me, but for my children and all those who follow. This meant taking my life in my own hands, as I believe we all must do, step out of the confines so many of us experience as humans and take part in training's that would test me and enable me to meet with some of my own discomforts and challenges. Dance and writing were my callings, to publish my own book was a childhood dream, that I am happy to say came true in 2010.

So why do I do the work I do? To be known as a 'dance teacher' doesn't really say enough.  So why share the dance?

Well, dance opens our hearts, it clears our mind and it teaches us about a deeper sense of humanity, it calls back our soul and reminds us of the 'true' nature of being a human. Which means being more conscious and awake, having integrity to do the right thing at the right time.Cc soul retrieval
It means realising that we can dance for fun, for fulfillment, to feel alive, to remember our soul purpose, to live with passion in our bellies and not from the misuse of substance, or from taking away from others. We learn to reduce the need to create a profit from resource that is not ours to take, which also means letting go of what we 'think' is necessary for us. We learn to feel compassion not just for ourselves but for the creatures we share our world with. It helps us to 'see' ourselves more clearly and to let go of some of the habits we have accumulated that prevent us from being authentic and loving, both to who we are and who we connect with. It is so much more and so effective in the world....because it's not just 'dance,' its movement of change, of liberation and of service to society and the world. It creates simplicity and humility, and I believe that is what our world needs more than anything at this time.

What are you dancing for today?

Some of my newest discoveries are how I use the 'Vesicus Piscis' as a tool for conscious change. The Magic Of Mandorla work uses tools that create a very strong sense of presence and reveal where conflict, both internally and externally, can create exciting revelations to help us get to know ourselves and more readily accept what needs to change. Once the idea of that change is brought to the light, energy follows and patterns and old beliefs are released.

Over time I have lived and danced through 30 years of experience in the healing arts, and now I run workshops where I share my own experiences through my life and what brought me to share what I love to share.

My passion is in the exploration of innocence, to me known as inner-sense and the human and non-human soul. To liberate the dancer in us and to help us find our own true creative and eco-identity. I’ve been involved in movement discipline since 1994 and have danced since childhood.

Teaching a blend of my own work ‘Middle Earth Medicine Ways’ I incorporate my studies & training's, which involve as much creativity as possible, dance, ritual & art, women’s work, time in the natural world and creative ‘rites of passage.’ Soul retrieval, ceremony and shamanic journeys are sometimes the tools I use combined with the practice of ecstatic dance.

I am also a creative writer and my first book ‘Ms’Guided Angel’ was published in the summer of 2010, a journey from sexual abuse, to broken relationships, mothering six beautiful children, dancing and becoming a supporter and mentor for others. My second book ‘Reclaimed Innocence’ was then published and then my third book ‘The Circle The Fire & The Phoenix.’ In summer 2013 my first poetry book was published; ‘SHE has a Voice’ poetry and prose. The Circle Fire & Phoenix has now been translated in the Czech Republic by Maitrea.

To view my books see this page Books

I have co-directed, with my husband Ben Cole, the documentary 'Talking Addiction.' Ben and I met on a plane going to visit Shamans in Colombia, we fell in love on that journey and have a very inspiring and creative life together.

I am a very proud Mother of six wonderful (now adult) children, three sons and three daughters and I am a Grandmother of five.

"Caroline's work is crafted just as much from her own experience of life as it is from the many years of study she has undertaken. We have seen her emerge and take her place in the circle of teachers who are committed to excellence, ongoing learning and the delicate balance of personal power and humility, which is a foundation for good leadership. She is delightfully creative and the deep shamanic roots that she has developed through maintaining her equilibrium in life's storms, as well as her sense of humor means she can hold the space for you to take your journey, safely, deeply and truthfully. Be warned, her love for the dance as a contemporary shamanic journey and the passion she has for life are highly infectious."
Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan. Founders of Movement Medicine and Directors of the School of Movement Medicine.