For the dancers, the freedom makers, the liberators of soul, the poets and celebrators, the magicians of our fold.

 Caroline is available to visit you in your community. If you wish to organise a workshop there please contact for more information.alchemyinmovement(at)

Group work and apprenticeships. Ecstatic Dance, Shamanic Journeys, Healing Techniques, Soul Retrieval, Drumming, Vision Quest, Songs of the Shaman, Medicine Bag & Mask Creations, Power Animals & Allies, Rites of Passage.

This body of shamanic work and animism, includes - ecstatic trance dance, shamanic journeys, drumming, healing techniques, (includes extraction), psychopomp, soul retrieval, drumming, vision quest, songs of the shaman, making and working with medicine bags and tools, discovering power animals & allies, mandorla constellation, creativity, writing, connection to nature, traditional acting skills to enhance our ritual theater, mask work, meditations, personal development in order to live a fuller more fruitful life.

The essence of this work is to marry our core wounds with our aspirations and allow the soul and the ego to live in harmony, thus becoming truly empowered.  The first level of intensives are to do the personal work necessary in order to know what we are bringing to the world. Once established we can study the art of holding space for others in the Space Holder modules. Our training is partly based on the traditional system of apprenticeship first developed where students would work alongside their teachers in order to gain more experience. We offer many opportunities to assist in our work in order to learn the art of shamanic practice and holding space for others.

A combination of traditional and modern methods to bring out the innate wisdom of our own particular personalities to enhance a more authentic presentation to the world. The methods include movement, theatre skills, ecstatic dance, journeying, meditations, ritual, ceremony and constellations. All of our techniques have traditional roots in Shamanism, Buddhism and Psychotherapy, linking our work to more modern day approaches, so as to adapt what is old to suit today's life styles and understandings, all becoming part of the 'Art Of Humility' helping us to live our purpose despite our wounds.

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