The Oracle of The Shape-Shifter

Within this workshop we are guided in presentation skills, acting techniques, the art of presence and voice.

We all possess a shapeshifter, so learning to act from this place with the guidance of the hollow bone state inspires and enriches our life. The shapeshifter guides us through personal processes within the creation of our own ‘Oracle Field,’ where we explore the potential we hold as a human being. Guided to explore parts of our self that have been or remain hidden, allows us to bring them to light.

Learn to embody your own shapeshifter, getting to know it as a powerful allie to support you in the expressions of your presentations from acting, to job interviews, to speaking in seminars, to being infront of the camera, to being able to give a clearly constructed performance of ritual. Becoming an Oracle in order to deliver great wisdom!

Ritual and ceremony magnifies our actions a hundred fold.

In this five day exploration, with support, you become the director of your own play of life, create theater as ritual, make and embody your own medicine mask and cloak, be the holy actor & sacred clown of ceremony. You will learn traditional and ritual acting skills in order to enhance your ceremonial offerings, step more fully into your power and learn the presence needed for clear communicative direction.

Includes working outdoors, dance, voice and poetry, the making of masks and crafts, the oracle theater work devised by Caroline and Ben, theater skills and voice work.

Five day workshop with Caroline, Ben and friends. This gathering is a requirement for the Middle Earth Apprenticeship.

Ben spent half his life as an actor in West End Theater and in movies with the likes of Anthony Perkins. He is now a film maker and director of movies, documentaries and art films. He has worked as director of photogrpahy with Nigel Cole, Michael Winterbottom, Ricard Eyre, Julien Temple and Cinematographers including Vittorio Storaro,  John De Boreman, Dewald Aukema and Claudio Von Planta.

Caroline has played with the veils and shapeshifting roles within ritual and ceremony, she has trained and studied with the Gali theatre co, and Academy of Acting, Brighton. Has performed in mask and has acted in short films and music videos as a performer and dancer.